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Water In-between
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An immersive installation exploring the identity of a 'third culture kid' 

This project – directed by Hangna Koh – aims at communicating her own experience of growing up as a 'third culture kid'. It is a narrative environment – a 'reflective labyrinth' – which tells her story through audio recordings and fashion. I was involved as a technical assistant with responsibilities in interactivity and lighting design. For more information, please visit


Creating a reflective and mysterious environment

One important aspect involved the creation of a mysterious atmosphere, a dark environment which is only illuminated by the walls of the labyrinth themselves. My task included the proposal of lighting equipment, in this case the usage of LED panels which can be powered by 3.3V rechargeable drone batteries. The self-built LED panel strips could be easily fixed onto the walls; the batteries – hidden within the foil – ensured the mobility of the installation without being restricted to the availability of power plugs. Due to the reflective material, the space could be fully illuminated in a silvery hue without any external lighting.


Besides the silver foil, I proposed the usage of two-sided mirror film for the last segment to create organic reflections on the ground.

Interactivity within the installation

The last segment of the labyrinth included a soundscape (composed and produced by Barnaby Kass) and blue lights which fade in and out. The sound and the lights should be triggered when visitors pass the entry gate into this last part of the installation. I was responsible to modify a given Arduino Code (written by Thibaut Evrard) in order to realise the idea of a reactive environment. This was achieved using ultrasonic sensors and relays (among other things).


Hangna Koh (direction, production, film editing)

Simon Peters (fashion)

Barnaby Kass (sound)

Kumi Oda (film production)

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