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Entelechy Drop

Participatory installation to facilitate human and liquid transience

Within the elective 'Decomputation', one brief involved the creation of transience – a state in which its beauty lies in its momentariness. Inspiration was also derived from the concept of entelechy which 'coordinates parts on behalf of a whole in response to event and does so without following a rigid plan; it answers events innovatively and perspicuously, deciding on the spot and in real time […]' ('Vibrant Matter' by Jane Bennett).

In collaboration with Ruilin Quan and Qianhui Yu.


Going traditional: the mesmerising effect of paper marbling

Paper marbling has a long tradition, its process a fascination to observe. The expansion of the paint and the creation of intricate vibrant patterns on a liquid surface draws people in due to its ongoing transformation, never becoming static until a sheet of paper eternalises the creation. Inspired by art forms such as Ebru Art and Suminagashi, we experimented with various paint combinations and compositions of liquid in order to create a three-dimensional creation surface. 

Entelechy Drop – Experimentation
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The reactions between various kinds of paint when put onto a thin sheen of white spirit have been explored during this process. An initial idea also involved the movement of metal balls within the tray in order to create patterns through water currents.

Creating an fulfilling visitor experience

Although transience focuses on the beauty of the moment, we aimed at creating a wholesome experience for participants which frames the main act – the creation of human transience – by an introductory and ending part of the participation.


Pipettes and vials with different liquid combinations were given, thus surprising participants with various effects when dropped onto the sheen of white spirit.


The size of the self-built acrylic glass tray allows every participant to engage in the group activity of creating a collective transient art piece.


The engagement is purely driven by intuition and spontaneity. This was the aim of the project: to bring people into the 'zone' in which users purely act based on instinct. 


The participation reaches its final stage by capturing the artwork onto long sheets of transparent paper. Unfortunately, due to excess of white spirit, this act wasn't completely successful.

Thanks to:

Dr John Fass (supervisor & photo documentation)

Decomputation elective of 2017 (participants)

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