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Collective Dance

An interactive and sonically reactive installation piece

The brief 'Emergence' within the elective 'Decomputation' led to the experimentation with materials in order to discover emergent qualities. Emergence often implies characteristics such as collective behaviour, collective intelligence and self-organisation. This artwork makes ferrofluid respond to sound parameters such as amplitude and beat. Music is being translated into a 'paintscape', drawn by reactive ferrofluid and white paint.

In collaboration with Andrew Dhesi and Milda Samsonaite.


Experimenting with ferrofluid

Ferrofluid is able to change its form depending on a given magnetic force. Spikes emerge out of the smooth liquid, rotating occasionally depending on the position of the magnet. The ability to move concentrations of ferrofluid through other liquids led to experimentations of using this magnetic substance to draw patterns. 

Collective Dance – Experimentation
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Experimentations with ferrofluid

Interactivity and motion

Motion and transformation of the ferrofluid are triggered upon approach; this is achieved using an IR-sensor. Music is being analysed using Processing; magnets are attached to servo motors and driven by an Arduino Uno.

Collective Dance
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Thanks to:

Dr John Fass (supervisor)

Angus Main (technical support)

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