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Zurück in die Zukunft (Back to the Future) – the 32nd edition of the design faculty magazine of FH Aachen

The BOXHORN magazine has a long tradition in the history of the design faculty of FH Aachen, Germany. Each year, a new team of students from BA Communication Design are selected to publish a new edition according to a given theme. Content creation and publishing are all student-led, supervised by a lecturer and supported by the design faculty. 


Discussing the future of design, and the future role of designers

Together with six fellow design students, we tackled the brief 'Future' and decided to create a magazine which offers insight in the future of design disciplines and designers. This comprises current trends, where design could be and what challenges design students have to face after graduation. Due to my interest in technologies and big data, I co-authored (together with Martin Knorr) an article on emerging technologies, wrote about Reality Mining and the importance of data ethics, conducted an interview with Daniel Gross from 'Catalogtree' and produced a commentary on the history of Projection Mapping.  


Talking with Daniel Gross

'Catalogtree' is a design agency known for their computer generated data visualisations. I received the opportunity to talk to Daniel Gross – one of the creative directors – about their practice and the role of data visualisations in conveying narratives. At their main studio in Arnhem, Netherlands, we were able to see some of their projects in person; this also allowed us to create a short video teaser for the interview. 


BOXHORN goes towards Augmented Reality with BX+

Augmented Reality was gaining more attention during the time BOXHORN 32. We wanted to explore how the creation of spatial visualisations levitating above the page could enhance the reader experience. Together with five software engineering students from the Medical Engineering and Technomathematics faculty of FH Aachen, we created the AR smartphone app 'BX+'  (Android only) which complemented the 32nd edition of BOXHORN.


'BX+' – available on the Playstore, allows readers to discover Augmented Reality features such as 3D renderings of mentioned products; it also connects the audience to short interview videos in order to promote a sense of the space and atmosphere. 

'Don't call it Vernissage'

A vernissage has been organised to present the project outcomes to the community of our design faculty. Besides catering of beverages, finger food, the first copies of the magazine were sold to our fellow peers who were also keen to test out BX+. More selling events followed during degree shows at FH Aachen.


Our team

Design team:

Silja Buhl

Hannah Klante

Martin Knorr

Kristina Mostovaya

Dennis Pütz

Lisa Skellington

and myself

App development team:

Gustav Friedeheim

Nathan Hamley

Peter Klinkhammer

Waldemar Schäfer

Lukas Schmidt

My roles


Editorial Designer



UI/UX lead, app manager and app development supervisor

Thanks to:

Jan Hendrik Weig (supervisor)

Dr Helmut Jakobs (Dean)

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